The Caribbean Development Bank is committed to helping Borrowing Member Countries reduce inequality and halve the incidence of extreme poverty by the end of 2025, through supporting inclusive and sustainable growth and promoting good governance.

Representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Energy, Transport & Implementation, of the Saint Lucia Transport Commission, and of the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Review Panel are collaborating are working closely with the CDB to supervise the plan. Ensuring that the plan reflects the reality of Saint Lucia and that the proposals meet the needs of the population.

Consultancy team

MCRIT (Barcelona) was founded in 1988, the company has carried out over 1.500 projects in Europe, Latino-America and Africa. MCRIT is highly specialised in infrastructure planning, feasibility assessment and cost-benefit evaluation, both locally and internationally.

MCRIT has developed a very large number of transport studies combining accuracy on gathering detailed information, innovative public participatory processes to obtain citizens’ concerns and ideas and sound planning.

Project’s areas: Technical coordination , Transport engineering, Finance team

Insuco (Haití) was created in 2010, INSCUCO is a consulting firm specialized in social sciences and engineering, providing services in Latin America & the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, in different sectors. Insuco’s approach mainly aims at anchoring projects in their territory of intervention, to improve the knowledge of promoters in order to provide their projects with reliable contextual elements (constraints, stakes, potentials, assets).

Project’s areas: Social and gender, Climate change and Biodiversity experts

ILACO (Paramaribo) started operations in 1960. ILACO is active in a wide range of studies, planning of development projects, technical assistance, engineering, designs, preparing tender documents and construction supervision. ILACO has three core divisions: Water, Infrastructure, Environment.

Project’s areas: Local coordinator, Urban development, Legal experts